Global Contingent Workforce Management

Whether you want to expand your MSP/VMS program across the globe, consolidate suppliers or reduce co-employment risk, eTeam is ready, willing and able to answer the call.

We’ll leverage our scalable, cost-effective infrastructure to find qualified contingents throughout the U.S., India and Canada and pass the savings on to you. And your dedicated account team will assess your needs; benchmark our results and comply with your rates and program rules while adhering to our “No-Sell, Service-Only” policy. It’s no wonder that 80% of our clients rank us among the top 10% of their staffing suppliers.

eTeam’s Dedicated Account Team

  • Assess your culture, requirements and global staffing needs
  • Create a customized service and recruiting plan
  • Execute with precision, resolve issues and manage our contingent staff
  • Track key performance metrics, attend quarterly reviews, and work with program managers, line managers, HR and strategic sourcing to achieve 100% compliance and continuously improve

Benefits of eTeam’s “No-Sell, Service-Only” Model:

  • Consolidate staffing suppliers
  • Reduce risk
  • Ensure compliance with local tax and labor laws
  • Access superior, global talent
  • Increase efficiencies and lower hard and soft costs
  • Meet diversity goals
  • Achieve high-level service across the enterprise
  • Enjoy “Accelerated Hires”

We promise to become one of your top performing staffing suppliers within the first 6 months. Why wait? Contact eTeam today!

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