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We Make a Positive Impact on People’s Lives and Solve Complex Hiring Challenges

Navigate the new global talent economy in ways that create a competitive advantage through our multi-pronged strategy.

Hire Talent

Contract Staffing

Achieve improved speed to hire, quality, efficiency, compliance and lower costs while tapping the expertise of specialized contractors through managed staffing programs or project in-sourcing services with a global reach. We do this successfully for over 150 clients in 14 countries today.

Direct Hire

Utilize our direct hire, contract-to-hire, or RPO service models to engage passive candidates and uncover fresh talent sources, while reducing the overall risk and cost of hiring. Our RPO service is 100% customizable to your needs and we can offer un-bundled talent acquisition modules as needed.

Payrolling/Agent of Record

Engage self-identified talent safely and efficiently through our e-Payroll service that ensures compliance with tax and labor laws. Leverage our talent enrichment and redeployment service models and integration with platforms to improve candidate experience and retention.


Our customizable solution combines recruiting expertise with state-of-the-art technology and processes to improve pipelines and new hire quality, while decreasing costs and time to hire. eTeam’s customized solution is designed to work within our client’s existing infrastructure and align with your goals and objectives at the same time ensuring a robust candidate experience and consistent Employer Value proposition.


Private Talent Communities (Direct Sourcing Curation)

Leverage eTeam’s proprietary Talent Pooling platform and pro-active recruiting model to realize unheard of metrics. Clients realize improvements in time-to-hire, candidate quality and reductions in the cost-per-hire.

Public Digital Technologies Cloud (Digital, Big Data and Cloud

Market demand greatly outweighs available talent across several highly sought-after IT categories. eTeam’s talent pooling solution allows clients to engage pre-vetted resources ready for immediate deployment.


Employers are no longer limited to available talent in the marketplace. eTeam’s proprietary talent enrichment program allows organizations to build and cultivate skills specific to your unique hiring needs.


Reap the rewards of global expansion without the administrative and logistical burdens. eTeam’s Build-Operate-Transfer solution allows for cost effective and efficient global expansion. We also have an extensive partner network to enable this in countries where we don’t have a physical entity.


CWM Solutions

Contingent labor and total talent management solutions continue to evolve at breakneck speed. Global talent networks, crowd-sourcing, virtual, and gig platforms, and many other new service offerings are constantly pushing boundaries. Ensure you have access to proven talent with the expertise and experience to enhance your existing programs today.

Freelancer Aggregation Solution

The growth of talent platforms and networks and enhanced virtual deliver models continue to feed the expansion and popularity of freelancers. Yet many organizations struggle with the legal compliance and efficient sourcing practices. eTeam’s Freelancer aggregation solution combines white glove service, industry leading risk mitigation practices and proprietary technology to catalog, engage, and manage freelancers efficiently.

SOW Projects

eTeam’s Statement of Work module effectively manages deliverable based projects, successfully integrating rogue spend into your non-employee workforce programs while improving the quality of results, mitigating risk and driving savings.

Recruiting/Workforce Micro-services

Only pay for the recruiting services you need! eTeam has decoupled our holistic recruiting workforce lifecycle. Client’s have the ability to partner with eTeam in the specific areas they need support. Designed to operate as a force multiplier leveraging your existing infrastructure, clients realize significant improvements in candidate throughput and cost-per-hire values.

Sourcing-as-a-Service, Skill set vetting, screening, IC compliance, Treasury Services, Diversity recruitment…

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