eTeam’s response to COVID 19


To Our Valued Clients,

As we enter an unchartered territory across the globe due to the challenges and restrictions caused by COVID 19, we want to make sure that everyone is aware of the actions eTeam is taking.

Part of our priority is to ensure that we keep everyone safe; eTeam employees, contractors, consultants, clients and support staff. We have instituted WHO and CDC recommended cleaning procedures across our facilities, as well as expanded our ability for our teams to work from home.

Luckily, eTeam has had a mature work-from-home ability for several years. All of our systems, tools and technology support this, so any disruptions to our business is minimal. We are instituting this process and ability across all of our global locations as well so that there is no disruption to either our, or our client’s business in any of our supported countries.

We continue to monitor developments globally and update all of our teams on any changes or effects these may have. We have a robust Business Continuity Plan that we have implemented with further provisions ready to be deployed as needed. We have all systems and processes in place and operational to maintain all payroll, benefits, payments and reporting as required by law and in support of our staff.

Our Contractor Care teams are also in touch with all of our talent onsite at our clients to ensure that they have the information and support needed during this time.

It is our plan to remain 100% operational and be able to support everyone involved and connected to eTeam; employees, consultants and clients alike.

We maintain our commitment to our community and our teams globally and will continue to communicate as needed to ensure that we are doing all we can to help everyone through these challenging times.

Ben Thakur