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Global Talent Solutions

Global Talent Solutions


Hire and scale contract talent worldwide

Business needs are changing so quickly that you must be able to access skills with speed and flexibility to remain competitive. eTeam recruiters are located worldwide to maintain close relationships with regional talent markets, so you can secure the professionals you require to achieve your business goals. Through eTeam, you can safely contract talent in more than 50 countries for IT, clinical, scientific, engineering, and professional roles, at any scale.


Direct-hire international employees with confidence

In a competitive market, winning over top talent begins by creating a positive candidate experience. Since 1999, we have built a large talent community by nurturing long-term relationships based on respect. So that when we introduce candidates to your role, they see your brand with greater excitement and trust. Our commitment to building lasting relationships is what makes half of the Fortune 500 companies consider eTeam their end-to-end talent solution.


Securely hire and pay talent worldwide

Hiring and onboarding talent globally can be daunting when you must maintain compliance with local payroll and hiring laws. e-Payroll aids you in avoiding international hiring risk by handling all HR-related tasks, including onboarding, paying, and administering benefits. For independent contractors, we provide a first-in-class solution by actively monitoring laws from around the globe, resulting in an impeccable compliance track record not to mention the ability to provider other industry-leading services, such as advance pay. Our solutions are expertly designed to maintain compliance for contract talent, employees, and independent contractors in more than 100 countries.


Connect all your contingent talent, wherever they're located

Expand your MSP program to areas of low contingent labor spend and still achieve ROI. Our customizable solution enables you to extend your current process consistency and efficiencies across the globe, so you:

  • Maintain compliance with local employment laws.
  • Hire and onboard talent faster.
  • Control costs with competitive talent pricing.
  • Gain transparency into talent usage and spend.


Results-focused SOW management

We ensure cost-effective and efficient management of deliverable-based SOW projects by mitigating risk and driving savings. Our approach successfully reallocates rogue spend into your non-employee workforce programs while improving the quality of results.


eTeam embraced diversity from its inception as it was founded by subject matter experts coming together from
disparate countries. Our award-winning tools and processes deliberately prioritize diversity and equity to help
you make good on your DE&I promises.

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